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Animal Sanctuary Is Looking For Volunteers To Cuddle Pigs And It’s A Dream Job

Pigs are very intelligent creatures, thought to be smarter than a 3-year-old child, dogs, and certain primates. It’s difficult not to adore them because they’re incredibly sociable, scientifically shown to speak with one another, curious, thorough, and exceedingly affectionate.

Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary, a farm animal rescue in South Carolina, has just announced that it is recruiting for volunteers.

This is to help socialize the piglets who are up for adoption so that they can easily pass the adoption program.

Facebook/Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary

Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary, on Facebook, wrote:

“Help us socialize our adoptable residents so they can smoothly transition into our adoption program!” stroke their bellies, feed them cookies, sit with them, and even chat to them to prepare them for their new home.”

Pigs, as previously said, are quite gregarious, and socialization is essential for their overall well-being.

That is why, before being adopted, dogs must become accustomed to people in order to adapt into daily life; here is where the volunteers come in to help.

Facebook/Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary

People frequently visit the sanctuary because many people like participating in activities with the animals.

Fortunately, since the program’s inception, the project’s volunteer calendar has been completely filled till March.

Facebook/Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary