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A Fox Approaches A Man In A Bar Trying To Ask Him For Some Love

The fox has infiltrated people’s hearts through time; they are no longer seen as wild creatures, and their popularity grows gradually.

Humans have been tied to foxes throughout history since they are creatures that inhabit on practically every continent.

They have emerged as fictional characters and are known for their devious methods of obtaining what they desire.

Their increased human population has blurred the distinction between them and people, making them more frequent in cities.

They are known as urban foxes and may be seen in large cities such as London or Edinburgh.

In these places, foxes and people are increasingly coexisting; some foxes penetrate private homes, open garbage cans to seek for food, and even enter households to steal food.

This is how foxes become the protagonists of many stories, causing us to shed our innate dread of them.

A recent scenario with a fox at a pub is an example of this.

Although we do not often expect to run into a little animal, much alone a fox, when we go out, this is exactly what occurred at The Star bar in Malden Rushett, London.

Gary Sines, a 40-year-old builder from Chessington, was drinking with his partner, Lindsay Rolfe, in the bar when they were unexpectedly joined by an odd visitor.

It was a cute fox that approached the man and lovingly begged him to pet him.

Although foxes are members of the Canidae family, which also includes domestic dogs and wolves, they are not very friendly and do not live in large groups; they are considered wild animals and have not yet been domesticated.

This is owing to the city’s enormous population of rats and mice, which makes it an ideal magnet for foxes.

Their presence is critical because it helps to keep the rodent population under control. Trevor Williamson, founder of The Fox Project, has this to say about it:

“Their range may be narrower than that of rural foxes since food is more abundant in cities and there is no need to move out further.”

Foxes are ubiquitous in London, even clubs, so when Sines and her companion were astonished by the small fox, they couldn’t help but melt.

The animal was so docile and pleasant that the couple treated it like any other household animal, the most frequent being a dog or cat.