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A Woman Saved A Large Bull When She Was A Young Calf, And Now They Are Great Friends

Following her rescue of a large bull while he was still a young calf, the two became best friends and now live their lives together like any pair of best friends would.

Heidi Ross, a young girl, knew she had to help the little calf when she discovered him face down in a pile of manure and unable to breathe. Heidi was moved by the calf’s plight and felt compelled to do all in her power to save it.

The young woman had to ask the farm manager to allow her buy the calf rather than have it sent to be butchered at the time because she was employed there.


The calf, now named Thor, had a difficult life because he was born about a month early and was unable to stand or walk by himself. The Scottish Highlands resident Heidi didn’t give a damn about Thor’s health since being able to save him was what mattered most to her.


Since that time, he has been caring after Thor, who is still his beloved pet despite having grown into a massive 1,500-pound bull.

The extraordinary and nearly unbreakable connection that Thor and Heidi have developed is in spite of their stark physical and behavioral differences. Thor always lies down and rolls over like a dog for Heidi to pet him and tickle his belly.


Heidi said to METRO:

The biggest animal I’ve ever had was a guinea pig, so taking on Thor was a major decision for me. As a result, meeting Thor was a positive experience.

Although he would never intentionally injure her, the young woman claims that she has had to put a lot of effort into developing her self-confidence. Although Thor is not violent, his size prevents him from seeing that some actions, even when they are done out of kindness, might harm his companion.


Heidi tacked on:

It can hurt a lot when I unintentionally smack him in the head.

But the fact is that Thor has grown to be her unwavering support and is able to lift her spirits when she is having a terrible day. Like any pet, Thor enjoys human interaction to the point that Heidi may lie on him and it appears that she likes him a lot.


Heidi stated:

If given the chance, I believe any animal will demonstrate that all beings are sentient and possess feelings and emotions, just as domestic animals.

The woman said that she would not have believed it three years ago if someone had asked or informed her that she would be caring for a huge bull.