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Heartbroken Shelter Dog Is Overjoyed When Adopted

Ava is a sweet little puppy that was adopted from the Hoke County Animal Shelter in North Carolina. Her face was sorrowful, since her former family had surrendered her to the rescue center, and her life as she knew it was rapidly changing. A major twist in her narrative, however, soon brought Ava joy.

The day Ava came with her sorrowful expression, one of the shelter staff, Kristi Pylant, was present. The woman was really affected, and she made an effort to improve Ava’s spirits, which gradually began to bear fruit, not anticipating that the sad little puppy would be quite happy again sooner rather than later.


A visitor to the shelter saw Ava and her tale and fell in love with her right away; he felt he could provide her with the home she deserved and the affection she so desperately needed. The cute little dog’s fortunes were changing for the better.

Kristi, who had welcomed adorable Ava to the shelter, was present as she prepared to leave for her new home, all smiles. Even in the midst of her enthusiasm, Ava took a time to thank Kristi; the dog extended her paw in thanks to her caretaker for all of the affection she had shown her since her arrival.

Kristy remembers:

“When she was adopted, she was very lovely to offer me her paw.”


Although Ava’s old family’s decision to turn her up to the shelter was heartbreaking, it was only the first step toward a new and better life; because to Kristi’s and the shelter’s help, she now has a family that loves her. and lavishes her with affection.