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Fish Is So Happy In His New Home He Literally Changes Color

Lacey Scott was at her local pet store buying supplies a little over a year ago when she noticed a sad face.

The saddest goldfish Scott has ever seen lay listless at the bottom of a dismal fish tank.

She told The Dodo, “He appeared anxious.” “His eyes were hazy and his color was dim.”


A store employee informed Scott that the fish was ten years old. Before being surrendered to the shop, he’d lived his entire life in someone’s artificial pond.

The fish appeared to have given up on life.

Scott explained, “I couldn’t quit thinking about him.” “I couldn’t bear the notion of a fish that had spent such a long life withering away at a pet store.”

Scott persuaded the store to let her take the fish home with her, oblivious to the fact that his best days were yet to come.

All that was required of the fish was a chance.


Scott built a temporary “hospital” tank for the fish, which she dubbed Monstro, back at her residence. She changed his water on a regular basis to keep it clean, and she also provided him with high-quality fish food. Monstro, on the other hand, initially showed little interest in eating or moving.

Scott was undeterred and refused to give up on him. Things began to shift gradually but steadily.

“I’d catch him swimming for small lengths of time around the one-month mark. And I’d already fallen in love with him at that time “she stated

Monstro’s physical appearance began to shift as well.


Monstro’s sickly gray scales began to give way to a more wholesome shade of gleaming gold.


Scott’s devotion to Monstro was gradually revealed via his physical and mental metamorphosis.


“Just watching his personality emerge has brought me so much delight,” Scott added.


When Monstro was well enough, Scott relocated him to a larger tank, where he has thrived ever since.

Monstro is now joyful and healthy, as opposed to his sad and ailing former self.