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An Injured Stray Dog Enters A Veterinarian’s Office To Look For Help

An unexpected guest came through the door of Dayse Ferreira’s veterinary practice in Brazil earlier this week.

It was a sick and injured stray dog who sought assistance.

That’s precisely what he received.


Ferreira had just completed working with another client when she observed the dog, who was hobbling due to an injury to one of his paws. She and her coworkers were astounded to find that he’d gone out of his way to seek their help on his own. And he seemed to have faith in them right away.

“When he first walked in, he pushed his damaged paw out as if to say hello and demonstrate that he was in pain,” Ferreira told The Dodo. “We were taken aback since he knew where to seek assistance.”

Ferreira didn’t waste any time in greeting the sad puppy.

Here’s a video of that moment:

Ferreira gave the dog a cursory inspection and discovered that his paw was not severely wounded. But it was fortunate that he had gone to the clinic for another purpose.

She’d noticed the puppy had a tiny tumor and was flea-infested. Both were, thankfully, curable.

Ferreira gave the dog a cleaning wash and placed him on medicine. But, more importantly, by seeking assistance, the lonely dog discovered something much better.

He discovered a ray of hope.


Since then, word has spread about the vet clinic’s unexpected new patient, and adoption offers have poured in for when the time comes. His time as a lonely, unwanted dog has come to an end. And he appears to be aware of it.

“He doesn’t even appear to be ill. He’s just overjoyed to be in the company of people that care about him “Ferreira explained.