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Little Opossums That Have Lost Their Mother Are Adopted By A Little Dog

A dog in Brazil adopted a litter of possums after their mother was k – illed by a dog. Stephanie Maldonado, fortunately, discovered the pups in time and took care of them with her dog Petrinha.

Stephanie initially called a wildlife rescue organization to take in the babies who had not yet opened their eyes; however, the rescue facility was unable to accommodate them due to a lack of room.

The babies needed to be fed every two hours because they were so tiny and hadn’t opened their eyes yet.

Possums are adopted by a little dog.

Stephanie was worried about their ability to survive without a mother who was there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Petrinha came in to assist at that precise time.

The dog then taken responsibility for the newborn opossums as if they were her own.

Stephanie posted on her Facebook page, :

“Pretinha, my four-legged daughter, suckles and warms the possum cubs. It’s lovely to watch how kind she is with them, licking and hugging them all the time!”

Petrinha tried to help the kids live despite being sterilized and unable to produce milk to feed the baby. The young possums saw her as their mother and sought her out at all hours of the day.

The dog welcomed them so well that she let them climb on her back for delightful walks, much like a mother opossum would in the wild.

The surrogate mother was pleased of her young ones since Petrinha took care of them and they gained weight and matured normally as a result of her care.

The possums remained under Stephanie and Petrinha’s care in the hopes of being released back into their natural habitat, not to mention the love and care of their surrogate mother.