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Dad Constructs A Castle So That His Kid And His Closest Buddy May Look Out The Window

Dave Coughlin has used his time in solitary confinement to conduct some crafts and work on some home improvements. The father constructed a fort for his small kid, who likes gazing out the window with Lucy, his 6-year-old Golden Retriever.

Connor has always been delighted by observing trucks and motorbikes from the window next to Lucy, but the tiny one isn’t quite as tall as her, making it tough for him to enjoy the view.

According to Dave, who spoke to The Dodo:

“He has a plush chair that he uses as a stool and simply stares out the window, but I always felt horrible because I didn’t have a nice view.”


Dave wanted to construct something unique for Connor with the time he had spare, something that would make it simpler for him to enjoy the view.

The father had this to say:

“COVID ennui is real, and I like doing odd home repair tasks. It was a thought that occurred to me one day.


The father began his effort by purchasing wood and laboring for four days to construct the fort. He looked quite amazing after he was completed.

Dave recalls:

“In retrospect, I’m glad it all worked out. I just started adding things at random: the top of the railing, the base molding, and so on. “After a few days, my wife ordered me to stop and she’d let [Connor] play with it.”


Connor first struggled with the stairs, but they became second nature to him in no time, and he was racing beside Lucy to take advantage of the neighborhood’s vista. The dog enjoys spending time with the youngster.

Dave continued:

“Whenever Connor hears a horn or a motorcycle, he becomes ecstatic and sprints up the stairs.” Lucy is obsessed with squirrels or any visitors, so we fooled her into believing there was a squirrel when he bolted.