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This Pit Bull Was So Sad After Losing Her Babies, Until She Met This Pup

Daya, a three-year-old female who was carrying nine pups, was abandoned and found walking the streets by herself in South Carolina.

Because of the overcrowding, Daya was in danger of being put to death. In order to help her locate a foster home where she could easily give birth to her pups, the Halfway There Rescue team intervened.

Daya was taken to the veterinarian by her rescuers for a checkup, where they learned devastating news.

His nine puppies were in the midst of being absorbed into his body, which resulted in a major infection in the uterus that necessitated emergency surgery within an hour of his arrival at the veterinary hospital. “X-rays showed no indication of living infants.

Although Daya’s life was saved by the procedure, it quickly became apparent that she was having trouble coping with the death of her unborn cubs.

Daya’s maternal instincts were still in overdrive when she finally made herself at home in her foster family. She began picking up objects like socks or toys and treating them like infants while washing them or sleeping with them. She carried them with her everywhere she went because she yearned for the security of having something to look after.

Jillian outlined:

Although she had a nice environment in which to heal, she was suddenly driven by instinct to focus her energies on finding her pups. Everyone at the rescue center was ecstatic that Daya had the procedure, but we were devastated to learn that she missed her little children. She was unable to comprehend what had transpired.

The group got a call about a puppy that had been left on the side of the road three days after Daya’s surgery. She had parasites, skin problems, and had recently undergone an urgent procedure to have one of her eyes removed since she had entirely lost the other. And she needed a mommy right away.

Jenna stated:

“Everyone knew the dog could survive with just human help, but we were hoping she could have the mommy she missed so badly,” one person said.

She was introduced to Daya by the veterinary staff who were looking after the dog named Raisin, and after a short period of time, their bonds were so deep that they would never be separated.