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Hairless Puppy That Nobody Wanted Does Not Stop Wagging His Tail At His Rescuers

The little dog’s body was small, nearly hairless, and covered with uncomfortable scabs. His rescuers gave him the name Jamie. Jamie continuously scratched his skin because he was itchy, too weary, and hungry.

Little Jamie had already experienced a lot at the age of just 4 months. He was born on the streets of India, had scabies, and spent many weeks wandering alone. Before someone observed Jamie going past his house one day and phoned Animal Aid Unlimited to ask for assistance.

Jamie had been anticipating this day for a very long time. Even though he hardly saw his rescuers come, he continued to wag his tail.

Since she had a terrible skin infection, she probably had never received any affection, but now she was receiving the attention she had been craving.

Animal Aid Unlimited co-founder Erika Abrams stated to The Dodo:

Jamie was compassionate right away.

Jamie shifted his entire body and stood on his legs to get closer to the rescuers as they reached out their hands.

The gang had never seen a stray dog in such bad shape as this unfortunate youngster. Nearly all of Jamie’s head was covered in large scabs that gave it a scaly look.

Jamie was first given medication for her skin illness, and she was frequently given medicated baths to help her skin feel better. Jamie even appeared to enjoy taking a bath.

Says Erika

“Some dogs tremble and shiver after taking a medication bath. But Jamie seems to view it as an additional opportunity to interact with others!

Jamie’s health significantly improved as the weeks went by. After five weeks of grooming, his fur finally fully recovered and turned into a healthy, shaggy dog.

Now that he was well, Jamie showed his caregivers even more affection and friendliness.