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A Dog Named Bitsy, Who Is Blind And Deaf From Birth, Is Reunited With Her Grandfather After A Year And Thanks To Her Sense Of Smell She Recognizes Him

A charming deaf and blind dog named Bitsy tells us that, despite obstacles, it is possible to have a perfectly happy life and that our innermost sentiments are what matter most.

Five years ago, Bitsy was adopted by Hayden Kristal, but her father Steve had some reservations about how to care for his new pet. He was quite worried about Bitsy’s lifestyle and questioned if she would be able to move around on her own without the use of her eyes and ears.

Her worries, however, were allayed when she got to know Bitsy’s upbeat and carefree demeanor, and she concluded that she would lead a typical life.

Facebook/ Hayden Kristal

Hayden stated to The Dodo:

She has always been self-reliant. When I initially brought her home, she immediately went to the food dish, jumped in, and ate until she was full.

Facebook/ Hayden Kristal

Bitsy demonstrates every day that he is not the helpless puppy that his grandfather Steve believed him to be by participating in hundreds of escapades.

The dog has accompanied Hayden on trips throughout the nation, going on walks, using the metro, and even learning how to skateboard.

Facebook/ Hayden Kristal

“Bitsy is the world’s sweetest, nicest, most devoted, and obedient dog. She’s spunky and craves excitement!

However, Steve loves her more than she could ever have dreamed, and the two of them are inseparable thanks to their strong friendship.

Facebook/ Hayden Kristal

Steve has grown to be Bitsy’s biggest admirer, and he constantly lets her know it whenever they get the chance to spend time together. Along with treating her like a loving grandparent, he shows her how much he cares for her by giving her gifts, toys, and affectionate touches.

Facebook/ Hayden Kristal