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The American Singer Cher, After Leading A Great Activist Campaign, Manages To Help The “Loneliest Elephant In The World”

An obese Asian elephant who has lived in confinement for most of his 36 years has finally been sent to a sanctuary in Cambodia. The solitary Asian elephant in Pakistan, Kaavan, has spent years in deplorable circumstances in an inappropriate habitat in an Islamabad zoo.

He developed several illnesses as a result, and he even had brittle and deformed nails. His mate passed away in 2012, earning him the moniker “the loneliest elephant in the world.”

The terrible reality of Kaavan sparked a worldwide outrage on the social networks of the many animal protection organizations, who demanded their removal from the location.


After learning about the elephant on Twitter, Cher joined a significant movement to get it moved since 2016.

Speaking on the Smithsonian Channel, Cher said:

“I asked myself, “How can I solve this? How can I help an elephant that is a thousand kilometers away and has been tethered to a shed for 17 years?


The Islamabad High Court ordered the zoo shuttered earlier this year owing to poor circumstances, and the animals were relocated.

Kaavan, who had come to Pakistan as a gift when he was just a newborn from Sri Lanka, was transferred by the animal charity group Four Paws.


Kaavan eventually started his journey to his new life after years of insisting on it, and Free The Wild announced it on Instagram.


Kaavan began his journey to Cambodia on Monday, November 29, early in the morning, according to the organization that Cher co-founded. In order to confirm the validity of Kaavan’s journey and to express her gratitude to the prime minister, the singer has been in Pakistan since last Friday.


Twitter user Cher stated:

“I just returned from the meeting to express my gratitude to Prime Minister Imran Kahn for enabling me to accompany Kaavan to Cambodia. On the 29th, Kaavan will be allowed to travel to Cambodia.

The elephant was trained prior to the journey by the skilled staff of Four Paws so that it would become accustomed to the small space into which it would be placed and so that it could become very familiar with the loud noises that it would experience during flight, making its lengthy journey less difficult.