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Puppy Tied Outside A Building Makes An Impressive Transformation

Courtney Bowles’ father called her in the month of October with some weird news; it turned out that he had discovered a dog chained up outside of a building and needed her assistance.

Courtney raced over immediately to check on him so she could assist because she has a lot of experience rescuing pets. She was a dog, and she was shocked by what she saw when she got there.

She was obviously extremely emaciated and dehydrated, and she had apparently been chained up for days.

Courtney stated to The Dodo:

She was extremely underweight and covered in garbage and her own feces. She was so hungry that she had checked a rubbish bag.


It was clear that the dog had been treated horribly by her previous owners, who had also abandoned her after moving out because they owed rent. The most heinous act was leaving her tied to a post with a cat collar around her neck, without food or drink.


The young woman approached the dog unsure about how she would be received, but when she volunteered to assist, the dog changed completely.

Comment from Courtney

She first trembled since she was so afraid of humans, but as soon as I started stroking her and rewarding her, she changed.

The dog seems to have realized that she was there to help her out, so she let go of the leash as they loaded her into the car.


The dog started to express her love and thanks as soon as she got inside the car, and she started to wag her tail joyfully.

As Courtney bathed her in the shower at her house, the water started to turn black since she was covered in filth. The woman thinks it may have been a while since her last bath or that she had never had a shower.


Courtney :

Since then, he has run to the bathtub when he is terrified, during storms or when he hears loud noises. She probably felt safe there for the first time, in my opinion.

The dog, Bonnie Blue, gained self-assurance and started displaying her genuine nature after a few days in her new home. She was even urged to meet Millie, the family’s second dog, because she was so enthusiastic about meeting her.