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Dog Stuck In Shelter For 2,381 Days Never Gave Up Hope

When the issue of Higgins came up, Leslie Renner, executive director of The Humane Society of Preble County in Ohio, heard it over and over again. Renner wasn’t ready to give up on the senior German shepherd, who had spent practically his entire life behind kennel bars at the shelter.

Higgins, on the other hand, didn’t want to give up on finding a house.


Higgins was a small puppy when he arrived at the shelter, and he was adopted right away. His first house, though, was far from perfect. Higgins was able to return to the shelter.

Renner told The Dodo, “We heard he was little more than a dog tethered to a dog home.” “A year later, someone came in with a stray dog, and it turned out to be him.”

“Nobody ever came searching for him, no one ever cared,” she claimed.


Higgins was most at peace when he wasn’t surrounded by other animals, which limited his pool of possible adopters. Renner knew she only had to wait until the perfect guy came along, but Higgins was passed over time and again.

“People are seeking for 6-month-old pups or dogs,” Renner added. “He was a year old when he returned, then two, then three.”

Potential adopters believed Higgins was sick after spending so much time in the shelter. Why would he stay year after year if he wasn’t happy?

“When he was in his kennel, his face had such a scared expression on it that he was a touch terrifying,” Renner said. “Everyone just walked right by him.”


“I’m here to take Higgins home,” Brendon Reed said as he came into the shelter on Higgin’s 2,381st day.

Renner was taken aback.


Reed, 22, had recently purchased his first house and believed Higgin was the ideal dog for him after seeing his photo online and hearing his tale. Reed told The Dodo, “He was such a lovely dog.” “He simply appeared so adorable… I’m not sure how he wasn’t adopted.”


Higgins is finally napping on the couch, watching TV, roaming around his backyard, and rolling in the grass after six and a half years.

Higgins is learning what it is to have a father who loves him and makes him feel secure and loved every day, far from the strains of shelter life.