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Corgi Mom Adopts Orphaned Pit Bull Puppies As Her Own

Sara was rescued from a puppy mill and adopted by No Dog Left Behind Minnesota after giving birth to several litters. She was pregnant when she was rescued, and the puppy farm had abandoned her because she was a “terrible parent” – but her rescuers discovered that wasn’t the case once her kids were born.

Stephanie Easley, a volunteer with No Dog Left Behind Minnesota, told The Dodo, “She has been a fantastic mom from the start.” “She is continually checking on her puppies and adoring them. She permits and even places her puppies in the hands of her foster family, and she inspects them before returning them to the pool.”


When a litter of pups was discovered alone beneath an abandoned building, No Dog Left Behind Minnesota took them in and immediately began working to provide them with the best possible care. They started bottle-feeding them, but the puppies were so little and frail that it was impossible. Their rescuers were concerned that they might require more specialist treatment, and Sara sprang to mind.

“The rescue director has the skills and knowledge to try combining the two litters,” Easley added. “The director thought Sara would be an excellent choice because of her maternal instincts.”


The rescuers decided to give the four little babies the best chance possible by giving them to Sara in the hopes that she would care for them alongside her own puppies. They weren’t sure if it would work, but Sara knew just what to do the moment she saw the new puppies.

“She’s taken on all of the motherly duties,” Easley added.


Sara has been feeding, cleaning, and caring for the puppies in the same way that she does for her own. She took the little puppies into her household, and they are now all her children, whether or not she gave birth to them. Despite the fact that her original puppies are older and larger than the newcomers, they have thoroughly embraced their new siblings and act as if they’ve always been a family.


“Both litters of puppies perform as one… which is pretty remarkable considering their age and developmental differences,” Easley explained. “The corgi puppies are even becoming kinder to their orphaned siblings.” They’re all sleeping in one big lump.”

Unfortunately, one of the four puppies was too weak to survive, but the other three are doing well and growing every day thanks to Sara’s efforts. While no one knows for sure what breed they are, it’s possible they’re pit bull puppies, but only time will tell as they develop.


“They’re gaining weight and moving about on a regular basis,” Easley added. “Every day they get more puppy-like!”

The pups are no longer orphans thanks to Sara’s affection and maternal instincts; instead, they have a large, loving family that will help them develop and learn until it’s time to move out and find the greatest permanent homes.