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Neglected And 2-Legged Stray Dog With A Very Tough Life Has Made The Most Amazing Transformation Ever

Meet this adorable dog named Amaze-Bobb that has had a very tough life. For 10 years, dog was neglected and used to live in the streets.

He was so sick and slim. Bobb also lost his fur and his teeth were rotten. He used to be a 2-legged stray dog.

Now this dog has made an amazing transformation.

Amaze-Bobb got rescued and now he is so happy.

“My husband and I fostered Bobb after he was rescued by Synergy. We fell in love with him and his indomitable spirit. After moving out of state we made the adoption official at the end of June when Synergy director Carla flew with Bobb to bring him to us. Bobb joined our family of two Siberian Huskies and two cats”, his owner wrote to Bored Panda.