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When A man Returns Home, He Finds A Cat That His Dog Had Invited In And Begged Him To Keep

Crosby The dog adores cats and other canines. He’d spent his whole existence with other animals until lately, when he bid farewell to two of his closest companions.

Credit: Squishiepeachies

Crosby’s owner, imgur user squishiepeachies, said, “About six months ago, he lost his kitten buddy, and just over a month ago, he lost his best doggo friend that he’s had as a companion since he was eight weeks old.”

“Crosby has handled being an only doggo admirably, or so I thought.”

The guy returned home as normal a few weeks ago, but instead of being greeted by his happy-go-lucky Crosby, who typically screams with delight when he sees him, his canine companion brought him directly to the bath tub.

Credit: Squishiepeachies

He was immediately greeted by a loud cat that continued meowing and meowing. “I’ve never seen a cat like this before, and even though I have a doggie door, it’s much too high off the ground for this little baby to have gotten in.” Crosby, it seemed to me, must have brought her inside.

“She bears a striking similarity to the cat companion he lost six months ago.”

Credit: Squishiepeachies

He canvassed the area for information on the cat. She had been spotted by several neighbors before, but no one knew who she belonged to.

“I took the cat to the clinic to have her microchipped, but she isn’t. She was spayed only a few days ago and is estimated to be four months old.”

Credit: Squishiepeachies

The vet told him that if he took the kitten to the shelter, the kitten would most likely be put down because the facility was already overcrowded.

He couldn’t stomach leaving the kitten alone in the wild, and Crosby seemed to enjoy her, so he brought her home and adopted her as a member of the family.

Crosby was happy and stayed by her side throughout the night.

Credit: Squishiepeachies

Crosby was ecstatic and stayed by her side. He was overjoyed to have a friend in the home again with whom he could play and snooze.

Crosby returned home with a long-awaited little companion. They now have each other! the entire night on one side

Credit: Squishiepeachies