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In a French Zoo, A Giant Panda Had Twins

Mommy huge panda has given birth to her adorable kids. Her twins have been born to the mother. This happened at a zoo in France. This is also the site of the Beauval Zoo. Mommy big panda is on loan from China to France. They are in good health, according to the zookeepers. As a result, the cubs are “very active, pink, and fat.” These facts were reported by ABC News.

The twins were born soon after midnight, according to the zoo. It was approximately 1 a.m. at the time. They weigh 149 and 129 grams, respectively. They are the zoo’s second and third panda babies, respectively. Yuan Meng, the first panda, was born in 2017. When baby pandas are born, they resemble jelly beans. They are extremely lovely as a result of this!

Clearly, the zoo personnel is looking after the panda family. Panda breeding is a difficult process. Only the greatest breeders will be capable of completing the task. Furthermore, caring for adult pandas is quite hard.

Mommy panda’s name is Huan Huan, and daddy panda’s name is Yuan Zi. The panda family is traveling to France for ten years. As a result, this represents strong relations between France and China. The term “panda diplomacy” refers to this symbolic act. Only China has the right to claim ownership of all pandas on the planet. Panda loans may also be worth millions of dollars!

Huan Huan possesses excellent maternal instincts. She kisses her cubs, according to the zoo. He also has a tight hold on her lovely children. At the end of March, the panda parents attempted to breed. The vet team had also carefully observed the pandas’ interactions. In addition, they used artificial insemination. This, however, was only a precaution. These facts are reported by Thailand’s Nation.

The gender of the panda babies has yet to be determined. It will, however, be discovered after some time. Normally, this takes several months. Furthermore, during the first 100 days, the panda babies will not be named. This is in accordance with Chinese custom. In the wild, there are around 1,800 gigantic pandas. This is only in China. Moving on, there are 500 pandas in captivity across the world.