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This Dog Was Returned To The Shelter For Being “Too Sweet”, Now Looking For A Real Home

Spot is a dog that was given back to the shelter because he was “too kind.” The Pennsylvania SPCA (Pennsylvania Humane Society) is currently seeking a home for the 6-year-old girl.

When her initial foster family tried to ask Spot to guard the home at night while they slept, the dog wouldn’t leave their side and the family ended up returning Spot to the shelter. They gave her back after adopting her for two weeks.

According to Deanne Schmidt, the Pennsylvania SPCA’s adoption coordinator, “her owner stated she was too sweet, she wanted to snuggle, to be close, and she was too kind and affectionate.”

She wanted to go upstairs with them when it was time for bed, but they insisted she stay below and take care of the home.

The PSPCA sent Spot to a no-kill shelter in Philadelphia after he was brought back to the shelter. She was adopted after which she was given back twice.

Spot lived with a cat for five years in her previous residence; she is still quite friendly and enjoys receiving attention.

Spot remains with them, and, according to PSPCA spokeswoman Gillian Kocher, he is seeking for a permanent home. Spot is now almost six years old.

She can be adopted outside of the state, but they have to visit the Philadelphia shelter to meet her.

Spot deserves a second chance because she was not at fault for losing her home, claims Deanne. “She’s a great dog who only wants to be with people,” someone said.