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These Dogs With A Sad Past Are Finally Reunited And Are Very Happy

These two canines, Caesar and Saskia, had different homes in the township of Blikkiesdorp in Cape Town, South Africa before they met. Life is challenging at Blikkiesdorp for both people and animals.

There, some of Cape Town’s poorest residents reside in homes built of scrap metal, old tires, and bits of wood.

There are no social services and just one sink and toilet for every eight families.

One of the riskiest areas in Cape Town is Blikkiesdorp because of the prevalence of gang violence there.

Rosie Künneke, Dinielle Stöckigt, and Clarina Hanekom made the decision to take action in response to the animal suffering they saw at Blikkiesdorp by founding Tin Can Town, an organization that aids both people and animals.

A group of volunteers, including Rosie, Dinielle, and Clarina, spend days at Blikkiesdorp castrating and sterilizing animals as well as providing food and veterinary care.

Additionally, they are accessible around-the-clock to assist any animal in need.

They came across an elderly dog named Caesar who shared a cabin with a couple. After Rosie met Caesar, she frequently stopped over to say hello. Rosie claims that Cesar would run if he heard our car.

Caesar’s caregivers divorced, but he retained the lady since, in Rosie’s opinion, she didn’t do a good job of looking after the dog. Then, when the kids started throwing stones at him, things really started to go terrible for him.

He had a couple head wounds when we found him, but the worst was to his nose, explains Rosie. His nose must have suffered a significant blow since the bleeding continued for several days and the veterinarian struggled to stop it.

Caesar had just turned ten. Rosie feared he wouldn’t survive another year if he remained in Blikkiesdrop any longer. In order to place him in foster care while he recovered, she took him out of Blikkiesdorp.

Meanwhile, Clarina discovered that Saskia, a 4-month-old dog from a nearby area called Blikkiesdorp, need assistance. Saskia was dangerously underweight and suffering from gastroenteritis, so Clarina brought her to the veterinarian for immediate care.

Clarina attempted to return Saskia to her owners once she was feeling better by going to the address they had given. She discovered they had given her the wrong address and that they probably didn’t want to see Saskia again when she arrived at the location and found it to be empty.