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They Rescue A Dog Cruelly Chained And With A Closed Padlock In Mexico

An animal rescue organization in Mexico by the name of Huellita con Causa IAP saved a dog whose neck was imprisoned by a heavy chain. There was no key for the padlock that was used to secure the chain around the poor dog, making it difficult to free him from the torment.

Titan was bound by the neck with a heavy chain and clearly had been mistreated. He had a padlock, so from the moment the chain was fastened, he had been wearing it constantly.

One year of miserable living conditions included constant rain, sweltering sun, a lock embedded in the neck, and 50 cm of heavy chain (5/8′′). the outcome of a bad and careless person.

«With attention, healthy diet, and the greatest treatment, his wound gets well. He is making excellent progress, but even though it will take longer for his heart to recover, it will.

He is slowly yielding to love. Her eyes are filled with optimism; she desires yet is unable to trust.

“Abandonment and cruelty have permanently damaged Titán, but it is still possible to undo the harm and take steps toward rehabilitation.”

For around five hours, police and Huellita con Causa volunteers worked together to retrieve Titán.

The dog suffered a terrible skin bruise as a result of the chain’s constant rubbing, but the group took good care of Titan, and the injuries will undoubtedly heal as a result of their attention.