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This Dog Walked 600 Km Accompanying A Pilgrim And Now They Are The Best Of Friends

A pilgrim called Naveen traveled 600 kilometers with Malu, a stray dog, on his second day of pilgrimage from the Mookambika temple in Kollur, Udupi, to the Sabarimala shrine in Pathanamthitta, India. Thankfully, Malu now has a lifelong family.

Naveen had no idea that day would bring to the discovery of a priceless lifelong friend. Malu decided to follow Naveen since she was so intrigued by him when she first saw him.

The 38-year-old guy, who lives in Kozhikode, Kerala, and works for the state power board, traveled on his pilgrimage for around 17 days. On December 23, he chose to take the dog with him on a bus, which was a significant and life-changing choice for both of them.

«I just became aware of its presence after traveling less than or close to 80 kilometers. She was coming my way from the other direction when he came up in front of me, and she stopped. She stubbornly refused to go after many attempts to drive her away.

About 20 meters in front of Naveen, the dog constantly kept away.

She would frequently pause and turn to face me, perhaps to make sure I was still pursuing her. After a few days, she began to follow me while continuously smelling my feet. I permitted her to remain.

Malu, a short form of “Malikappuram,” a term used to refer to female devotees of Sabarimala, was given to the dog.

I knew she wouldn’t leave my side after we passed Kozhikode. She is a highly tenacious and perceptive dog. When Mom went to grab something to eat or take a bath, he would wait patiently for me. She would spend the night next to me and look after my thirumudikettu (prayer bag).”

Naveen still marvels at the memory of a time when Malu acted as an alarm clock and woke him up promptly.

“I had slept off in the morning and my phone’s screen had stopped working. She pulled on my mundu and repeatedly barked at me to get me to wake up.”