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Three-Legged Dog Slept In A Shoebox For Weeks Waiting To Be Rescued

Princess is a stunning three-legged dog who has lived a very difficult life; no one is sure why she lost one of her front legs. She had been residing in someone’s home for months, but no one knew who owned her, according to a message sent to Los Angeles’ Hope For Paws animal rescue group.

Princess was resting in a shoe box in the rain when rescuers found her. She appeared afraid when they placed a collar on her, but she didn’t object since she realized she needed help. They then carried Princess to the car and covered her with a blanket.

The home’s owner confirms that he was in charge of giving food and that the dog had been sleeping in the shoe box for around two weeks.

Princess was brought to the veterinarian, where she was washed up and given a cozy bed to sleep in after being outside for so long.

She was suffering from severe anemia in addition to the cold she experienced on the street, so if she hadn’t been saved in time, she might not be alive today.

She is thankfully much better now and enjoys receiving hugs and human warmth.