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K9 Helped His Partner In The Rescue Of Three Helpless Abandoned Puppies

Despite being abandoned in a dump, three adorable puppies fortunately got aid in time. When Private Jordan Ennis and his K9 companion Tek went for a hike southwest of Atlanta, they discovered the little children hiding amongst the plants. No one could see them there, and their expressions showed extreme misery.

They were immediately assisted by this couple, and Tek was in charge of giving the dogs the comfort and confidence they needed within the patrol.

Though it is hard to identify the person who so brutally abandoned them there, the good news is that all of the tiny ones are safe and on their way to the happy lives they so well deserve.

Thanks to the soldier and his K9, who were in the correct spot on that day to save the puppies from an uncertain future, they will now be extremely happy in their new homes.