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This 18-Year-Old Bitch Completely Stole A Woman’s Heart With Just One Look

Elaine Seamans, who founded the At-Choo Foundation and has devoted a large portion of her life to helping animals, never adopted an animal from a different rescue organization before a sweet old dachshund with clouded eyes captured her heart.

Elaine told iHeartDogs about the moment she first saw a picture of the 8-pound, 18-year-old dog:

“It was just one of those times where I felt compelled to seek for her despite having no good reason to. I’ve got to do this, and I’ll see why later.

When Elaine first met the dog, they had a strong connection. The dog was in a shelter in Southern California.

Elaine remarked:

I saw her, and it only resembled a chemical reaction.

Elaine remarked:

She is usually friendly.

In fact, he has not heard a single bark from her in the whole week that she has been in the house.

“However, certain objects have an animal-like feeling. I sense that she is content. She seems to be aware that this is hers.

Quizzie, a dachshund that Elaine previously owned, passed away in September of last year at the age of 16. Quizzie was discovered in a dumpster barking and covered in mange. She spent the rest of her life by Elaine’s side.