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Police K9 Unit Recruits The Smallest Members Of The Team And The Internet Is Overloaded With Cuteness

Meet the newest Taiwan Police officers. Fushin, which is Japanese for “Lucky Star,” Schumann, Feida, Brother, AJ, and Full Moon are the other names. These canine squad members, who have been with the Taiwan National Police Agency for less than a month, are brand-new hires (NPA). However, these puppies’ contributions to the squad will go much beyond merely allowing us to ogle at how cute they are. The six puppies, whose birth date is May 9, according to the NPA, will be trained to join the Taipei-based NPA K9 anti-bomb and narcotics detection team.

“Yellow, the mother of the puppies, is a member of the K-9 team. She is involved in the department’s anti-drug and anti-bomb efforts.

The six puppies will go through training to become detection dogs, according to Pan Tian-long, captain of the K9 squad. Schuman, Feida, Brother, AJ, and Full Moon will undergo training to become narcotics detection dogs, according to the captain.

The sole cream-colored puppy in the litter, Fushin, will be used as a blood detecting dog.

On June 8, the little Labrador had his official debut and has since been dubbed “the prettiest dog in the police.”

In a statement on Facebook, the NPA stated:

We wish for the pups to grow up to be like their mother Yellow, to complete their training, and to join the police department.