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Man Abandoned His Dog In A Shelter And Laughed At Him When He Cried So He Wouldn’t Leave Him

Just before Christmas, a two-year-old dog called Jack was left at Carson’s Shelter in Gardena, California. When he saw his human father leaving, Jack grew frightened. The personnel at the shelter were surprised by what this heartless guy did, though; after abandoning his puppy, they made fun of him.

Jack was left behind and started to weep when the man suddenly started laughing, shocking bystanders, according to Saving Carson shelter dogs.

It’s unbelievable that someone would be so ruthless and uncaring in this scenario, leaving their dog in a location where he may be put down and then mocking what he did.

Before his tale started to circulate on Facebook and people organized to rescue him and assist this pit bull in finding a home, Jack spent his holiday at the shelter terribly afraid and alone.

There was nothing obviously wrong with Jack; he was healthy and free from any diseases or illnesses. He was also not a mischievous dog.

The staff rapidly came to the conclusion that the shelter was not the appropriate location for a dog that had been forcibly removed from a perfectly good family for no apparent reason.

Saving Carson Shelter Dogs shared the account of Jack and what his cruel owner had done in an effort to save Jack.

Soon after, the animal shelter began receiving more calls, and Jack had his temperament tested.