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Woman Sees A Dog Visiting A Grave Covered With Blue Flowers And After Following Her, She Ends Up Saving An Entire Family

Alice Gill of Southern Pup Rescue & Retreat was driving down the road around two years ago when she spotted an emaciated puppy seeking for food near to a headstone in the cemetery decorated with blue flowers. The dog was also producing milk, which Alice could see up close, but his puppies were not present.

The white dog had ticks and fleas all over it, and Alice christened her Mama Angel. Alice wanted to take the dog home straight soon when she started waving her tail, but she realized the puppies needed her to thrive. Alice hurried home to fetch some food and anti-flea and anti-tick medication instead.

Carl informed Alice that Carey, the owner of Mama Angel, had gone away a few weeks before. She was buried behind a sizable arrangement of blue flowers and passed away soon before Mama gave birth to Charlie’s puppies.

Mama Angel spent her days coming and going from Mrs. Carey’s grave, taking care of her puppies.

No one in the town knew where the infants were, but Carl pointed Alice in the direction of the late person’s nephew, who made an effort to feed the dogs. Alice was permitted to examine the land to look for Mama Angel’s puppies by the nephew.

In her Facebook profile, Alice stated:

“Carl shouted, “There she is,” as I was taking him home. Mama Angel raced toward us, down the way to her house, some 400 meters in front of us.

Alice kept going:

“He didn’t realize it was us, so he crossed the grass to get away from the automobile. I pulled over and addressed Carl directly: “Carl, are you a man of prayer?” “Yes, please” Will you join me in prayer? “Of course!” In order to commemorate Mrs. Carey’s family, two strangers who are completely unrelated to one another closed their eyes and prayed. In order to not disturb the mother, we went outside and drove along the road, stopping occasionally.

Mama Angel was unaware that Alice and Carl were watching her as she ducked beneath an old shed. Three teeny-tiny pups suddenly crept up, eager to meet her mother and hungry.

After the three main characters of the 1976 television series Charlie’s Angels, Alice went on to save Mama Angel, Charlie, and their three little angels, whom she called Jaclyn, Kate, and Farrah.

Charlie stayed with Mrs. Carey’s nephew, who agreed to look after him, while the mother and her three infants went home with Alice to gather their strength before finding permanent homes.