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Woman Ex-Pilot Of The US Navy Rented A Plane To Save 300 Animals In The Caribbean While Hurricane Maria Arrived

Just before Storm Maria, a Category 1 hurricane, was about to hit the Caribbean islands on Tuesday, Sali Gear, a co-founder of Island Dog Rescue in Virginia Beach, Virginia, which specialized in rescue dogs from the US Virgin Islands, hired a plane to transport 300 animals to safety.

Former US Navy pilot Sali Gear believed he had ample time to prepare for his largest-ever animal rescue operation. She grew raised in the US Virgin Islands, where a non-profit organization called Island Dog Rescue specializes on rescue dogs and cats.

Sali was born and raised on the islands, and two weeks after Hurricane Irma destroyed the region, she had relocated back there.

She intended to travel and transport roughly 20 animals to the United States every day for a week after Hurricane Irma damaged St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix. The Caribbean islands’ efforts were then put in jeopardy by Hurricane Maria.

300 neighborhood animals had to be transported to Sali’s Calypso Run Farm in Virginia Beach within two days. His response to her? Quickly rent an aircraft.

The woman and donors spent the weekend funding a $112,000 charter jet out of Miami to save the animals.

Said Sali:

“I completed it because it was necessary. To make this happen, they did all in their power.

Sali also said that for about two weeks, he had not slept for longer than four hours.