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Dog Rescued In The Desert Guides Her Rescuers To Her Hidden Puppies

In a dry riverbed not far from Redlands, California, a dog by the name of Mama was abandoned. Mama lived there for approximately six months, and with the assistance of various onlookers who periodically fed her, she was able to make it till the time of her rescuers’ arrival, who eventually received a huge surprise.

Despite the assistance, Mama was essentially made of skin and bones and wouldn’t allow anybody to touch her. One day, a kind person decided to publish Mama’s predicament on Facebook and beg for assistance after observing her.

Faith Easdale, a kindhearted volunteer with Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue who rescues dogs, saw this post.

Faith Easdale

When two young men succeeded to capture Mama, Faith saw that it appeared as though she had just given birth. As a result, they proceeded to search the area for the babies, but when they found nothing, she believed she was mistaken in her supposition. The dog appeared to be quite calm as they loaded her into the car.

It’s true that Mama was trying to get as far away from her rescuers as possible, but when she realized Faith intended to aid her, she was relieved and put her in her confidence.

Faith stated to The Dodo:

“All she wanted was to cuddle up as near to people as she could. To witness that was very tragic.

The dog had a secret, Faith discovered the next morning. Faith quickly set out to discover Mama’s babies as she began to make milk. In order to investigate the area, this woman and a companion went back to the dry river and tethered Mama to a long leash.

Faith Easdale

She uttered:

She first refused to show us where her puppies were, so we sat and watched YouTube videos of puppies wailing. She finally turned to face us, stood up, and led the way to her water fountain. She spent a long time lying down and drinking, became chilly, and then glanced at me. I said, “Okay, let’s go lady.” She then took us to see her young.

Faith Easdale

Faith was able to glimpse four adorable brown puppies, three males and one female, around a week old, half a mile from the bridge, between bramble and thorns that their mother had set up to protect them. Mama led her rescuers through dilapidated tunnels.

Faith Easdale

Says Faith:

“They were so serene and hidden there, which protected them from predators. When I saw that the tiny puppies were still alive, I sobbed uncontrollably because I was afraid I would discover them dead.”

Faith Easdale