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Firefighters Look Out The Station Window And See Someone In Need

On a chilly and snowy night in late January, firefighters from the Steinbach Fire Department in Canada got a surprise guest at their station. It was a lovely homeless cat staring out the window, longing for warmth.

Fortunately, these kind-hearted firefighters did not dismiss her and greeted her warmly. According to The Dodo, they originally assumed it was someone’s lost pet and, in addition to providing him with housing, they swiftly broadcast what occurred on social media in the hope that her family would emerge and rescue her.

No one answered her cry, so they decided to assume care for her, giving her all the attention she needed and even giving her a name, “Ember.”

Steinbach Fire Department

Ember was treated by a veterinarian, and fortunately, her diagnosis was accurate. She is in good health, has had all of her vaccines, and has been washed and sterilized.

Steinbach Fire Department

According to the fire department:

“She took a shower and smells a lot better than she did when she arrived at the station gate.”

Steinbach Fire Department

Everyone had a good time with Ember, but it was evident that the station couldn’t give her what she deserved.

Steinbach Fire Department

According to the department:

“Because Steinbach does not have a full-time fire department, the station is not always staffed.” Ember requires a lot of love and attention, and the station might go days without someone being there.”

Steinbach Fire Department