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Pitbull Abandoned On The Side Of The Road Waited Patiently For Help

A dog was left to his destiny next to his wooden shed in a ditch by the side of the road in a rural region surrounded by farmers in California, United States.

A terrified 9-year-old pit bull was curled up inside the cage, still wearing her leash, and she was quietly waiting for assistance.

Thankfully, someone noticed the little dwelling and alerted the police about the dog, according to The Dodo.


After receiving the call, an officer transported the dog to the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter (SCCAS).

The dog was identified as Pebbles by the shelter staff, but when police located the owner, they learned that Pebbles had been abandoned when the owner became homeless a year prior.


Evidently, Pebbles hasn’t had it easy since, but because of the officers’ good deeds in getting her to the shelter, she now has a roof over her head and is incredibly grateful to have been spared.

Everyone who knows Pebbles loves her, and right now she is available for adoption and searching for a family to adore her for the rest of her life.


On Facebook, Maria Chomentowski posted:

Pebbles is the cutest tiny puppy with the most lovely deep eyes, in my opinion.

Another admirer of Pebbles, Robin Gabriel, said:

“In person, she is much cuter and more adorable. gorgeous brown tabby