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Little Leopard Is Reunited With His Mother After Being Found Crying In A Sugarcane Field

A tiny leopard was laying on the ground when a group of sugar cane farmers discovered it as they were wrapping up their shift during a harvest in Maharashtra, India. This one was probably two months old, so they made the quick decision to assist him by getting in touch with a forestry officer and the wildlife rescue organization Wildlife SOS.

Due to contact between farms and cities and their environment, these animals and people frequently interact in the area.

Wildlife S.O.S.

In line with Wildlife SOS:

The area’s conflicts between people and leopards have multiplied as a result of the growth of agricultural land and the destruction of woods.

Pregnant leopards and their young are now in season, and they are hiding out among the sugar cane fields.

Wildlife S.O.S.

Co-founder and CEO of Wildlife SOS, Kartick Satyanarayan, stated in a statement:

The dense and tall foliage serves as a handy haven for leopards to mate and care for their offspring, which is why there are more leopard sightings and confrontations during the pre-harvest and harvest seasons.

The rescue team moved rapidly to verify the pup’s health before formulating a strategy to bring them together, according to The Dodo, since they were aware that every second the pup was apart from its mother would increase her stress and agitation.

Wildlife S.O.S.

Thankfully, Wildlife SOS doctor Ajay Deshmukh discovered the youngster in excellent condition and later assisted in facilitating his reunion with his mother.

The rescue team made the decision to find the puppy in an appropriate location before setting up a camera to record the happy reunion.

She was often observed skulking around the neighborhood in the evenings seeking for her kid.

Wildlife S.O.S.

Says Deshmukn:

Finally, a leopard appeared from the nearby jungle at about 9:30 p.m.

Wildlife S.O.S.