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Wildlife Park Workers Self-Isolate For 3 Months To Care For Animals

As a precaution to stop the spread of Covid-19, many people are presently imprisoned and quarantined in various regions of the world. While some chose to stay home and isolate themselves, others chose to use the quarantine period to rest in their country homes or seasonal farms.

However, some employees are unpredictably choosing to separate themselves at work, as was the case with one employee at Paradise Park in Hayle, Cornwall, UK.

They made the decision to self-isolate there for three months.

Facebook/Paradise Park

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the park had already said that it will temporarily restrict its doors to the general public in order to protect its workers. The sanctuary must ensure the well-being of their maintenance staff if they are to continue providing the animals with high-quality care.

Four employees—Izzy, Emily, Layla, and Sarah-Jane—decided to separate themselves in the park after hearing this news.

Several of their coworkers who will arrive throughout daily shifts will help them while they live in the park till the quarantine is over.

Facebook/Paradise Park

Director of Paradise Park Alison Hales spoke to Boredpanda:

“Although everyone of our keepers is devoted to the animals, several of them also care for vulnerable family members at home. They had to decide whether to skip work and remain home with their family after hearing the suggestion to isolate themselves to fight the coronavirus.”

Facebook/Paradise Park

To be present for the birds every day without endangering the health of their families, they then offered that they remain at the home in Paradise Park.

They indicated that being cautious was the key factor in their decision to relocate to the house in the park.

Well, the four of them will be able to perform animal care tasks, in addition to having a vulnerable family at home and not wanting to put them at risk if things go worse and the staff is prevented from going to work.

1,200 birds, as well as other mammals including red pandas, squirrels, Asian otters, harvest mice, and farm animals, may be found at Paradise Park.

Facebook/Paradise Park

The four self-contained keepers of the wildlife refuge revealed that they follow all of the daily rituals of the animals, including the Humboldt penguins’.

According to Alison, being quarantined in a park has its benefits since you can constantly take in the beauty of the outdoors.

Alison remarked:

Once the feeding and cleaning are finished, it is fascinating to stroll about and observe the birds as they go about their daily routines.

Facebook/Paradise Park