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Teenager Opens A Unique Animal Shelter And Has Already Rescued 26 Animals

Brazilian teenager Eduardo Caioado, 17, has always had a passion for animals. Since he was nine years old, he has rescued abandoned animals from his community since he is passionate with assisting animals in need.

This young animal activist made his goal come true a month ago when he created his own animal refuge named EduPaçoca Institute with the help of his family.

According to Eduardo, Boredpanda

“I strive to make this world a better place, and I know that the miracle that people ask God for is in the action that is done on a daily basis, whether it is feeding a stray puppy or offering to write some letters to an old person,” the speaker said.


Edward went on to say

“I realized a great desire this year: I built my institute. I rented a home, and supporters contribute to the costs. I visit there each day. I occasionally go for 30 kilometers on my bike or by hitchhiking, but I never moan about it because I always imagined doing it.


Added him:

“I want a house, not a dog deposit. I want them to understand that even if they are not adopted, I will take care of them until they pass away.

While feeding homeless dogs, Eduardo saw that more arrived every day, so he managed to gather 10 dogs, which decided to follow him. The young guy continued by saying that the concept of founding the shelter arose in March, as he felt the need to assist additional abandoned canines.

He lives in an extremely cold climate, where dogs left on the streets generally succumb to diseases like hypothermia.


The young man made the decision to aid because there are no governmental policies in the city that assist animals in need.

The animal shelter is known for serving as a play area where rescued canines engage in various activities and get ready to be adopted.

Added Edward:

I want the Institute to grow into much more than just a haven. I want to make them content and healthy in the recreational daycare setting so they can be adopted.


Additionally, Eduardo claims that he specializes in healing their damaged hearts because the majority of them enter traumatized, fearful, hurt, and lacking in self-assurance. Eduardo educates the dogs that they can rely on him and that he will always be present when they spend time at the shelter.

Added Edward:

“During those years of giving food to animals on the streets, I discovered that they experience emotions extremely similar to ours. A bottle, a dish, or a leaf are presents that a dog by the name of Baiano consistently gives to me. I had the notion to make a new location. A playroom filled with toys, games, entertainment, pursuits, music, dancing, theme celebrations, and birthdays.