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Dog Reunites With His Family After 6 Years And Can’t Stop Wagging His Tail

Even more so when there is no hope that it will happen, being reunited with someone after a lengthy absence is a sensation of immense satisfaction. Reunions are lovely, as evidenced by the tale of a dog who got lost in Sumter, Florida (United States).

Fortunately, a nice individual passed by and immediately assisted the dog when he was stranded on the streets.

The kindhearted individual grabbed the small chihuahua in their arms and drove him right away to a shelter where they could provide him the care he needed.

YOUR Humane Society SPCA

A volunteer at YOUR Humane Society SPCA, Claudia Labbé, told The Dodo:

He virtually hurled himself at the man, pleading for help. She was overjoyed to see him.”

Since he came at the shelter, the dog has remained cheerful and upbeat despite being severely underweight, filthy, and infested with fleas. The volunteers started searching for a microchip when they realized the dog could have belonged to a family and was lost.

YOUR Humane Society SPCA

Fortunately, the dog’s name, Alex, and the names of the dog’s previous owners were discovered along with him. When the family was contacted by the shelter’s volunteers, they were astounded by how amazing young Alex’s tale was.

More than 225 miles away from where he was discovered, in Naples, Florida, where his family resided, Alex’s family had not seen him in six long years.

Alex had two human brothers and an elder dog brother named Thunder; he had lived with his family since he was two months old. Alex dug a hole under the yard fence and fled after Thunder was temporarily transferred to live with Grandma, most likely in search of his brother.

YOUR Humane Society SPCA

Although Alex’s family made every effort to track him down, as the months and years passed, their optimism waned.

Without a question, the call they received from YOUR Humane Society SPCA that February evening changed their lives irrevocably. It was almost time for the much anticipated reunion after so many years away, but they were concerned that Alex would forget them.

When Alex saw his family, he was overcome with excitement and his tail started to wag as he leaped and raced into his mother’s arms.

Staff at the shelter posted the following on Facebook:

Alex was so ecstatic to meet them that he was unable to restrain himself. Everyone stood up and embraced a happy little dog who had found his identification and long-lost family.

YOUR Humane Society SPCA