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Rescued Pit Bull Is So Excited To Get Her Own Garden For The First Time

Pitbull rescue dog Mia was just discovered wandering the streets of Akron, Ohio. She is a gentle and gorgeous dog. She was discovered to be terribly sick, and a kind individual brought her to an emergency veterinarian. Later, she was taken up by a rescue organization, and in January, she was ultimately adopted by her present family.

While relaxing with her family is sweet Mia’s preferred pastime, she also enjoys running. She is typically a very goofy and energetic little dog that has always had a pleasant and loving existence with her owners.

She really has a tendency to be rather sluggish most of the time, but when she wants to play, she typically has a little energy boost once or twice each day.

Instagram/ ms.zoomiemia

The sweet pit bull enjoys playing outside, but because her yard was initially unfenced, she was always on a leash. Since nobody in her family knew where Mia was from or whether she had a free yard to play in, her parents decided to provide her one. They hurried to build a fence for her yard to give Mia this freedom.

Taylor explains:

“Before we completed erecting our fence, we had her for five months, and throughout that time, she played with the neighbor’s dog in her enclosed yard. On a long leash, I pulled her the most of the time while we let her to run about in her backyard.

As soon as the fence was complete, her happy family decided to show Mia her new play area. As soon as she was free of the leash, she ran merrily all over the place.

Instagram/ ms.zoomiemia

The mother of Mia says:

“She couldn’t contain her excitement. She does a lot of running indoors, so I made sure to record it because we knew she would be terrified to run in her own backyard. She spent two months watching us build the fence, and I believe she understood it was for her.”

Finally, Mia had a patio of her own where she could play and run about. She enjoys relaxing in her house, but she also loves having a place to run around and take in the sunshine and new grass.

Instagram/ ms.zoomiemia