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Woman Visited A Dog For A Year Until She Was Able To Rescue Her And Bring Her Home

Throughout the entire process of rescuing the dog named Takia, Laura Seymour had to overcome many challenges, but she never gave up and provided the dog the life she had always deserved.

It all began when Laura came upon a puppy tied to a tree in a callous person’s home while she was on the way. Laura, who loves animals, rushed to the house’s fence to investigate the incident and meet her new animal companion.

The woman was extremely careful as soon as she was close enough to see, because she wasn’t sure how the large Akita would respond. To her amazement, the dog greeted her with an unending stream of kisses and started waving her tail in delight.


After establishing a sufficient level of familiarity, trust, and goodwill, Laura started to realize the gravity of the predicament the dog was in.

The amiable dog’s wet fur and usage of a hole in the ground as a makeshift bed were clear signs that she spent most of her time outside. She also had two empty bowls near the tree, indicating that she probably had no access to food or drink.


As a result, Laura started to worry about Takia and made frequent visits to the location to bring her chained buddy food.

The devoted dog grew more and more eager for her arrival and delighted to see her as the days and visits went by. After a few days, Takia learned to know Laura’s automobile, and he started to dance joyfully whenever he saw her approaching.


Both of them started to form a fantastic connection, and Laura knew she had to take action to save her buddy from her awful circumstances.

Laura stated to The Dodo:

“Oh my God, I have to take this dog,” I said. I’m going to have to steal her and take care of her in some way. Could I possibly go to jail for this expert, I wondered.


A few weeks after meeting Takia, the woman made the decision to get in touch with Animal Control to let them know about the issue. However, after paying the appropriate visit to the residence, they told him they could do nothing as long as the residents continued to provide him with a roof over his head, access to water, and food.

Although Laura was devastated, she informed animal control that she would keep visiting since she didn’t want to lose her new buddy. Since Takia’s bowls were usually always empty whenever she arrived, she wanted to make sure that she had adequate food and drink.