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A Sweet Pit Bull Wandering The Streets Walked Into A Family’s Backyard Looking For Help And A New Home

Lakisha Smith opted to go back home after realizing she had forgotten something while doing errands. When she observed a dog sitting in her yard, she called to her daughter and went outside to wait for her. It was a pit bull that had entered the backyard in need of assistance.

The unfortunate animal was in dire need of assistance when the mother and her daughter arrived to see him, and everything suggested that they had made the correct choice.

“He appeared to be famished, so I told him to feed him. He was really dehydrated and thirsty. I gave him a bath after I returned from running errands with my husband Trey, our daughter Ja’Mya, and myself.”


In order to help him feel protected after everything that had transpired, they set up a cozy bed for him that night. The next day, the woman shared pictures of Poppy in several Facebook groups in an effort to track down her family.

Lakisha tried to find out whether he was microchipped so she could learn more about his family by visiting a nearby shelter and a veterinarian, but she was unable. The woman, who already liked the dog, was somewhat reassured by this.


Poppy first appeared terrified, but she merely needed some time to realize that she was secure. The pit bull gradually revealed his charming personality and grew attached to his new family.


A guy later wrote to Lakisha after seeing her Facebook post and stated that he was Poppy’s father. This had an impact on the family because they already regarded the dog as a member.


He had clearly neglected the animal based on the dog’s behavior in the presence of the guy and the man’s reaction. The man understood that they should stay with Poppy after witnessing how content he was with the family.

Lakisha narrates:

“Now you have a wonderful house,” the man stated as he left.