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Woman Walks Past Nativity Scene And Notices Someone Sleeping In The Manger

Everything appeared to be very normal when Nádia Rosângella went by a Brazilian square where a lovely Christmas nativity scene had been set up, but the figurines that referenced the stable truly caught her attention. Someone was sound asleep in the manger, and there was something unusual about this depiction of the nativity scene.

Unexpectedly, someone moved into the space that is typically abandoned until Christmas. At the location of birth, a little puppy discovered a cozy spot to relax.

It was a truly cute image, with the puppy in the little cot appearing serene and at ease.

Nadia stated to The Dodo:

«I was taken aback. It was so lovely! Such a lovely, unadulterated scene.


The woman had no idea where the cute dog had come from; it had reportedly been dumped in the plaza a long time prior, and as it had nowhere warm to sleep, it had found the manger to be the ideal spot. Nadia was utterly astonished to find him there all by himself and helpless.


Although she was unable to take the small puppy home, Nadia was deeply touched by the scenario she discovered at the nativity scene. To be sure she was helping, she shot some images. In the hopes that the tiny one would be adopted, she posted information on social media about herself and the neighborhood’s animal lovers.

The dog in the manger quickly found a loving home and a cozy place to sleep in each night.


Without realizing it, the adorable puppy gained a second chance and a loving home because of the nativity tableau in the plaza.

Nadia reports:

“A friend brought her home after finding her.”