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Swan Can’t Believe She’ll Meet Her Ex-Partner Again After They Got Separated

Bonnie and Clyde are a pair of swans that dwell around a lake close to Crewe, England. Since they are seldom apart, locals and tourists are familiar with the lovely duo. Recently, some lake visitors became aware of Bonnie’s leg problems and requested assistance from the RSPCA.

The RSPCA despatched its water rescue team to evacuate Bonnie as soon as they knew about the swan case, but she wasn’t delighted with the idea of coming with them and leaving Clyde behind, according to The Dodo.


In order for Bonnie to go back to Clyde as quickly as possible, she was taken to the RSPCA Stapeley Grange Wildlife Center, where her leg was treated right away. Due to a long-standing untreated injury, Bonnie’s leg will unfortunately never entirely recover, but her rescuers did enough for her to be able to go back to the lake.

Fortunately, Bonnie and her companion enjoy widespread goodwill, so if anything goes wrong, people will make sure she receives prompt assistance.


When the time was right, Bonnie was returned to the lake and, of course, at the side of her dearly loved Clyde, roughly a month after being taken away by the RSPCA. The reunion of the swans did not disappoint; everyone was beyond thrilled to see them together again.

Happy Bonnie and Clyde were constantly stroking one other because they were so happy. Everyone wishes that these two will never be apart again because their relationship has grown stronger over their time apart.