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An Adorable Dog Who Has Been In An Animal Shelter Since She Was A Baby, Works As A Delivery Person To Help Her Furry Siblings

A charming dog in Mexico City has won the hearts of all the people and netizens who are aware of her tale on various social media platforms. The dog works as a vegan food delivery person to aid her coworkers at the animal sanctuary to which she belongs.

Any is a dog who lives in the Garritas Guerreras animal sanctuary, which has gained notoriety for distributing food on her city’s streets just to raise money.

Any is armed with her “Doggie Eats” bag and delivers “Amvorguesas” much like a delivery person in any app (Vegan Burgers).


With the epidemic, the number of homeless dogs in Mexico, which has always been among the highest in Latin America, skyrocketed. As a result, the shelters are trying to find methods to save these animals or find them a permanent home.

Unfortunately, the shelters’ efforts have not been sufficient, and they are receiving a decreasing amount of funding to support the furry ones.


One of those afflicted is Garritas Guerreras, but fortunately Any is a member of this refuge and is eager to assist her brothers. Any is one of the 160 animals kept in the shelter, but because of a lack of assistance, the management of the facility has had to develop plans.

In order to collect the necessary finances, the shelter has committed itself to selling vegan cuisine such as hamburgers, along with chips and flavored water.


The best part is that all customers receive priority delivery, which helps them achieve their goal of supporting shelter animals through the sale of their items. Any has always been a helpful, cooperative, and nice dog; as a result, she is now in charge of delivering the orders with the aid of her baggage.


The lovely delivery dog always travels with her handler, but she is aware that it is her duty to ensure that the package is delivered on schedule.

The employees of the shelter said on Facebook:

“Friends, this lomiredistributor is now… She donates the daily croquette in order to help the 160 animals at the shelter. We provide vegan amvorguesas, chips, and lemon-infused beet water. Support your neighborhood shops.