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Puppy Born Paralyzed Walks For The First Time Thanks To His Custom Wheelchair

Sadly, Benjamin Bunny’s birth defect prohibits him from utilizing his rear legs. Fortunately, Bosley’s Place Animal Rescue Center took care of the adorable puppy in his early years and bottle-fed him for several weeks. When Benjamin had gained enough strength, he was moved to a foster family who would care for him.

His foster mother, Beth Williams, is the administrator of The Tucker Farm, a homeless shelter. Weeks of treatment failed to improve Benjamin’s mobility, so Beth chose to work with Walkin’ Pets, a business that specializes in helping all sorts of animals get back on their feet and enjoy regular lives.


In order to accommodate Benjamin as he develops, Walkin’ Pets created an outstanding entirely bespoke adjustable chair for him, according to People.


In a statement, Beth stated:

“Benjamin adores his wheelchair, and he values every minute spent using it! Benny would remain on his Walkin’ Wheels all day if we let him, but for the time being, we’re just wearing them for brief periods of time as we work to strengthen them.

Of course, Benjamin’s mobility issues are not entirely resolved by the wheelchair. The puppy was identified by neurologists as having a serious spinal abnormality behind the shoulders.

Although Benjamin still appears to be able to move his rear legs, the veterinarians say this is not an indication that the puppy will be able to walk again.


The mother of the cute dog said that when her child uses his chair, the tiny one absolutely lights up.

The lady continued:

“I adore its independence and wheeled design. We spend a lot of time outside, so your ability to move around freely and acquire what you need has a profound impact on all of us. Benny doesn’t appear to waste time lamenting his infirmity instead he enjoys what he has.


Benjamin can’t fully walk on all fours because of spinal issues, but he can go around with the help of his new wheelchair without experiencing any discomfort.