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Man In Ukraine Fills His Van With Kangaroos To Take Them To Safety

10 kangaroos from a zoo in Ukraine were saved and transported in a van away from Kharkiv in order to avoid dying too soon from the constant bombardment. An animal lover and volunteer made the decision to utilize his vehicle to provide them with the chance for a safer and more tranquil existence.

The ecological park Feldman Ecopark posted a video on social media showing the driver of the truck and his gentle friends, who are patiently waiting for them to arrive.

Even in the footage, a couple of kangaroos on the far left can be seen arguing with one of them striking the other in the face.


The 10 kangaroos were formerly housed by Oleksandr Feldman, an animal enthusiast who built the Feldman Ecopark. Unfortunately, Russian bombardment resulted in the park’s destruction.

The Stepan baboon, a favorite of Kharkiv locals, was killed by shelling, according to the park, which recently posted images of what seemed to be shell damage. A few zoo staff members also fell prey to the attacks.

The park posted the following on its Facebook page:

“These are the fragments of the rounds that were fired at Feldman Ecopark. The baboon Stepan from the Ecopark, who was killed by the shelling, is a favorite of locals in Kharkiv and other visitors.


Since then, according to Bored Panda, the zoo’s primary goal has been to preserve as many creatures as they can since they believe that every life, whether it be human or animal, is deserving of protection. And thankfully, a lot of folks have contacted out to provide some assistance in this process.

Many other creatures, such as spurred tortoises, blue and white-nosed monkeys, foxes, and others, have also been saved thanks to staff and rescuers. The turtles’ evacuation, which required coordination and was not simple because they weighted more than 100 kg, was successful.


Roe deer and elk are two examples of the animals that have been released into the neighboring forests in an effort to increase their chances of surviving the conflict. Others have fled following bombardment and enclosure damage, such as red-furred wolf-like animals.

The park is making every effort to save the surviving animals, but it is a difficult undertaking given the tools needed and the fear of further bombardment. Nevertheless, they keep trying every day.