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A Group Of Soldiers Belonging To A Battalion In The Ukraine Come Across A Lost Husky And Decide To Help Him Find His Family

Russian soldiers continue to invade Ukraine militarily, yet despite the turmoil and devastation, there are stories that give Ukrainians hope.

Nessie, a husky dog, became disoriented during the combat, but with the aid of this squad of troops, he was able to locate his master.

The city of Bucha, which the Russians had occupied for a few months, was just retaken by Ukrainian forces. The troops discovered several survivors and bodies of civilians as they searched the various parts of the city, but they also discovered Nessie.


Although this war’s atrocities garner the majority of press coverage, this touching narrative has also gained popularity. Particularly considering that the Kastus Kalinouski brigade not only helped the husky find his owner but also assisted in his reunion.


The troops decided to take the puppy with them and keep it safe after discovering it in an effort to track out its real owners. Fortunately, the battalion did everything they could to facilitate this, and Nessie soon met her cherished adoptive father.

The warriors made the decision to videotape the touching reunion that occurred in a parking lot and then post it on social media so that people may see the touching tale.


You can see Nessie walking gingerly in the video, but as soon as she spots her master, she rushes quickly and leaps into his arms. Nessie excitedly shouted out in her excitement to find her human father as she kissed her face and leaped with joy.

The man was not far behind and constantly patted his dog, delighted to see Nessie, for which he complimented a battalion member.

This is unquestionably a moving tale that gives people in Ukraine hope during these trying times.