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Causes Controversy After Rescuing Two Baby Lynxes From A Fur Farm And Raising Them As Pets

When it comes to assisting, the altruistic nature of many individuals has no bounds; they do not differentiate between races or species. And Russian Anastasia Poznyak, who is always eager to give of her time to preserve the defenseless whether it be domestic or wild animals, is a perfect example of a heart that is devoted to selflessness.

Since she was a little child, Anastasia has worked to preserve and rescue cats, but she has also saved other animals besides only kittens. Anastasia describes herself as an ardent cat lover.

Six huskies, a Samoyed, and a Northern Inuit make up the eight puppies that this young woman keeps at home, but the most incredible rescue has not included any pets at all.

The Russian first learnt about the lynx farms in her country, where the animals are eventually sacrificed so that their skins may be sold, some time ago.

The girl who has subsequently gained notoriety as a striker of this practice said it seemed too horrible to raise an animal and then steal its skin and thereby her life.

But she found that rejecting it and actively working for its outlawry was insufficient, so she also took in one of these small creatures, protecting him from the dreadful fate that awaited him there.

She adopted the kitten and gave it the name Geralt (a reference to The Witcher series) when it was still a kitten. Even though Anastasia was concerned about sharing a home with her pets, she was unable to let the animal alone.

Fortunately, love has no bounds, and these Russian pups were quite adept at adjusting to the presence of the “kitten” who, from one day to the next, grew to be as large as them.

All of Geralt’s canine brothers loved him, but Banshee, Anastasia’s senior dog, who became his guardian, had a particular place in his heart because he understood him.