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Security Cameras Record The Reckless Act Of A Puppy For Love Of Its Owner

Unexpected heights can be reached in a dog’s relationship with its owner, and some canine companions will go to any lengths to please their owners. But in the case of this Golden Retriever named Ace, his imagination led him to carry out an unusual action, which his father did not miss to document in some careless photos.

Vince Matteson

The owner of Ace, Vince Matteson, felt it was time to take down all the Christmas decorations he had used to decorate his home, including the lights on the building’s outside, now that Christmas had passed.

Vince used a ladder to accomplish this and ascended to the home’s roof to complete the task. The man never thought that someone would follow him, though.

Vince Matteson

The ever-reliable Ace determined that Dad needed assistance and pursued him to provide it.

Like he had seen his owner do, this playful and by no means cowardly small dog ascended the stairs to the roof.

Vince Matteson

Vincen was absolutely oblivious to what his Golden was doing since he was wearing headphones and was so engrossed in his music.

“I had my headphones on and was turning off the lights on the opposite side of the ceiling. I turn around after spotting something out of the corner of my eye and discover Ace standing on the roof! He was stunned beyond belief,” stated Matteson.

Vince Matteson

When Vincen first saw his dog, he was shocked. It appeared impossible for the dog to have been there by himself, and he assumed his companion was making a joke. However, surveillance footage showed that this was not the case.

This Golden, who ascended to the roof with ease, was identified on the security camera footage. Anyone would have assumed Ace had engaged in such crazy before, but in truth, it was the product of his adventurous nature.

The dog is seen ascending in the video while his timider younger sibling watches from below. This puppy undoubtedly supported his mischievous pal, but he simply didn’t want to put himself in danger.

“Ace is a boisterous, brave pup. He simply wanted to know what his father was doing on the roof “explained Matteson.

Vince Matteson