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They Capture A Rare Baby Seal With A Totally Different Appearance Suffering The Rejection Of Others

In the center of a pod, an unusual newborn seal was discovered suffering from rejection and apathy.

The entire family’s nasty behavior towards the poor infant, who was born with quite distinctive traits, drew the attention of professionals.

Nature occasionally surprises us with delightful riddles, as does the protagonist of this narrative, which is based on the topic of the well-known film “Ugly Duckling.”

It’s a cute but odd seal pup with a hue that sets it apart from the rest of its family.

However, the unique fact is that scientists will very certainly be called in to save her, as there are evidence that the colony is underestimating her.

This lovely ball of orange fluff was recently discovered in the Sea of Okhotsk, off the coast of Russia’s Tyuleny Island.

Albino seals, such as this one, are apparently incredibly rare, and because of their odd look, they are more likely to be rejected and misunderstood.

If the little mammal’s exclusion is verified, wildlife experts say they are prepared to rescue it and transport it to a dolphinarium.

The hue of the pinniped’s body, blue eyes, and pink fins set it out from the rest of the colony.

According to experts, the chances of having a half albino child are one in 100,000, and there’s a chance the rest of his species may reject him.

Vladimir Burkanov, a marine animal scientist, discovered the infant seal, according to the Siberian Times.

Although the newborn seal has not been totally removed from the colony, Burkanov reports that it was given the moniker “Ugly Duckling.” In this regard, he expressed his confidence:

“This puppy appears to be well nourished and active, indicating that his mother has provided him with adequate milk. Other seals appear to be unconcerned by it, which is concerning. So something isn’t quite right. The other members of the pack, on the other hand, are not chasing her or biting her.

Dr. Vladimir feels that the seal’s eyesight is impaired, and that it has a tiny chance of becoming old or reproducing successfully.

“Cases like this ‘ugly duckling’ are quite uncommon. They appear to be more crimson than white. Vladimir said, “This is a light albino with no pigmentation, not even in his eyes.”

The researcher shared another shot, this time of a different albino seal spotted in 2017 by photographer Sergey Fomin, who grew up in Bering Island’s Severo-Zapadnoe colony.

On Tyuleny Island in 2011, an ostocized albino fur seal named Nafanya made headlines for her remarkable colouring.

She needed to be rescued and sent to the Sochi Dolphinarium in the Black Sea right away.

The scientist explained, “He did not engage in breeding this season and was only sighted in the single-animal sector of the colony.”

The fact is that after being observed, the life of this pup is being documented, and if it is rejected by the other seals, the professionals will rescue it and transport it to a dolphinarium to preserve its life.