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Puppy Does Not Forget His Mother Even After 4 Years Of Her That Passed Away

Dogs’ love is unconditional, and it is no longer essential to demonstrate that they are man’s closest friend or that they constantly provide reasons to adore them. The relationships that certain animals have with their families are so deep that even death cannot sever them, as seen by the following stories.

Benito is a loving puppy that never forgets his mother and visits her cemetery even after she has been dead for four years. Benito acts as if he has never spent time; he refuses to accept it, which is why he is ecstatic every time he visits her cemetery.


When he gets at his mother Joha’s grave, he lies down with infectious tranquility and does not rise until it is time to leave.

Belén, Joha’s sister, shared a video of the touching tale on her Twitter account, and it quickly went viral.


The publishing was accompanied with a beautiful legend written by a young woman from Villaguay, Entre Ros, Argentina, which moved all Internet users.

On Twitter, Bethlehem said:

“Take a look at this unwavering love. Joha is my sister, who died four years ago, and he is Benito, her pet, who followed her during the last two years of her life and still does today».

In the brief time Joha and her beloved puppy were allowed to live together, the photographs in the film depict various experiences shared between them.


There are pictures of Benito’s arrival at the house, toasts, parties, naps, and amusing incidents like the time he was transported to the hospital in disguise.

In an interview with LA NACION, the family said:

“It was a pleasant surprise this time.” She was in the hospital and was often questioned about ‘her son.’ We were well aware of how critical that was for her ».

However, there was one sequence in particular that enthralled and fascinated everyone who watched the movie on social media. Benito may be seen leaning out of the car window, eager to go to the cemetery, and then running through the hallowed field when he arrives.


Benito becomes thrilled, barks, and asks to be carried up so he may be closer to his beloved Joha when he arrives to his mother’s grave. Later, he notices the small kid resting on the coffin, as though fully acknowledging his closest buddy and mother.


The family convinced him that he was their son in fact, and they offered each other genuine and unconditional love in the short time they had together.

The video garnered millions of views and thousands of comments in no time.