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Man Camps Out At Shelter So He Can Adopt His Favorite Dog

Dr. Brian Eberhart saw a little puppy named Elliot and decided right then and there that he would do everything in his power to take him home with him. Elliot is a homeless Border Collie who arrived to the Palm Springs Animal Shelter in early March in search of a home.

His sorrowful tiny eyes captured the hearts of everyone who saw him, despite his shyness and fear of others. Elliot was placed in foster care to help him adjust to life as an indoor dog and adapt his personality.

Dr. Brian Eberhart, a retired orthodontist who resided next door to his temporary residence, was there when he met him.


The shelter’s communications manager, Anthony Mercurio, told The Dodo:

“Eberhart’s neighbor happened to be Elliot’s foster caregiver, so she met and fell in love with him.”


Elliot became eligible for adoption after spending time in his foster home, and Dr. Eberhart wanted to be first on the list.

Dr. Eberhart was seated in a chair when shelter employees arrived early the next day. The man was reading a book at the front entrance, he appeared to be patient, and the employees had no idea what he was doing there.


Anthony remarked:

“When we observed Dr. Eberhart camping out in front of the shelter, we discovered he was there to adopt Elliot. Others came that morning as well, but when they realized we didn’t open until 1 p.m., they gave up and departed.”

Dr. Eberhart never left his house because he was confident Elliot was worth the wait and he simply wanted to see him again. It was finally time to meet Elliot, and the small puppy couldn’t control his joy when he realized who had come to see him at the shelter.

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When they met, they welcomed each other and appeared to be quite joyful; Elliot seemed to remember him and understand why he was there.

Anthony continued, ”

“Elliot pretended to be meeting up with an old acquaintance, and we immediately recognized a coincidence!”

Dr. Eberhart was allowed to adopt Elliot on that day, and his new name has been Leo ever then, a strange abbreviation for “Love Each Other” (love each other).


Leo has always wanted to be near to his loved ones, whether it’s cuddling on the sofa or nibbling at Dad’s heels, ever since he met the right family.

Anthony continued, ”

“He’s a bright, lively, joyful boy who should keep an eye on his people at all times.”